National Ladies Homestead Gathering

Share Knowledge. Build Community. Grow Friendships.

About Us

The National Ladies Homestead Gathering provides a welcoming environment where women can share knowledge, celebrate victories, and address challenges while cultivating community with like-minded women. All women are welcome who have a dream or desire to be more self-reliant. Whether their homesteads are in the planning phase or already established, all women have something to contribute or gain from coming together.

Why should I join your community?

  • Meet other homesteading women. Join our online community to meet women like you who share your interest in homesteading and to keep in touch with your Chapter online. If you don’t have a Chapter yet, maybe you’ll find some nearby friends here!
  • Make better homesteading decisions. Ask all your homesteading questions here! And if you have homesteading knowledge to share, please help answer others’ questions.
  • Find inspiration. Find inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and perspective every day. Who knows? It might inspire you to start the next phase of your homesteading journey! (Or ... you might just end up with more chickens. #ChickenMath)
  • Share stories. Swap stories, experiences, and ideas around homesteading! We love to celebrate Atta Girls, and we all learn from others’ experiences. 
  • Have an impact. Please contribute to our online community and in your local Chapters! And if you don’t have a Chapter nearby (yet), you’re still welcome to join our online community to learn and share!

A Big Thanks

to all the women who helped us get here! It’s been an amazing decade, and here’s to many more!

National Ladies Homestead Gathering is a registered nonprofit. Membership dues are tax-deductible. Joining our online Community is free.